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 / 02-02-4007 < Collection Cups
  •  / 02-02-4007 < Collection Cups
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Collection Cups

CODE: 02-02-4007

86.80 €

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Περιορισμένη διαθεσιμότητα

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    213 090 5600
  • Description

  • Foody - The Expo Mascott
    Foody embodies the main themes of this event in a positive, original and sympathetic way.
    He is honest, wise, respectful and a lover of tasty, healthy food. Foody stands for community, diversity and food in its broadest sense: a source of life and energy.
    The mascot is made up of a family of 11 elements, each with its own personality. United in a single face, they represent a perfect synergy between the countries of the world in their endeavour to meet the planet's food challenges with energy and optimism.
    They stand together as a single family, and like all families they are likeable, fun and dynamic.
    The characters
    The face of Foody, designed by Disney, is made up of various fruit and vegetable characters, each with their own character and story. When combined, these characters create the "face" of the Expo: a figure recalling the heads painted by the renaissance artist Arcimboldo.